Reusable silicone Q tips


Size: 11.5x 3 x 1.5 cm
Colours: Pink, White

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Both end of the swab is made of high quality soft and flexible silicon nubs, 100% safe and
non-toxic. It comes in a dust-proof case that makes them highly convenient and portable.
Due it its size can be stored in your pocket or cosmetic bag for easy convenient usage. Great
for home use, outdoors and travel.
Due to the flexible and soft silicon material, only water and soap is needed to clean your
swob. This effectively reduces the use of disposable cotton swabs in your daily life.
These swabs have a wide variety of usage. It can be used for:
 cleaning ears,
 cleaning belly buttons
 various crafts,
 pet care,
 baby care,
 make-up cleaning


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