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This sensory board is for toddlers to learn basic life skills and develop children’s cognitive ability (such as colors, numbers, alphabet, shapes).

It is equipped with a blank DIY board which can let children use their imagination.

The busy board for toddlers is based on self-directed activity, which enables children to develop independent, focused study habits, perfectly suitable for toddlers ages 2 – 5 years old.

This toddler quiet book aims to develop children’s fine motor skills and enhance hand-eye coordination, exercise children’s collaboration and communication skills. It is also suitable for toddlers diagnosed with autism.

This toddler busy book is ideal for travel especially aeroplanes and long car journeys.
It is made of premium felt cotton material. The hand-held design of the busy board allows kids to carry it with ease.

Always ensure any child using this busy board does so under the strict supervision of the parent/guardian.

– Theme: Alphabet, Colors, Maths, Shapes.
– Material: Felt.
– Colour: multicolour.
– Age Range: Toddler.
– Educational Objective: Hand-Eye Coordination, Motor Skills.


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